Freedom Consulting Group LLC

At Freedom Consulting Group we believe our reputation is everything. We work hard every day to ensure that our reputation for providing creative and innovative solutions remains intact. We do this through experienced leadership that sets the standard for honesty and integrity, and through the hiring of exceptionally qualified and talented engineers. Freedom Consulting Group is a company in which honesty, integrity, and trust are valued above all else. The founders believe these values and our reputation are fundamental to our success, and strive to instill those values in all who work for Freedom. We don’t believe a quick buck is worth sacrificing our values, nor do we believe in “spin.” We treat our clients with respect and we “tell it like it is.” Such an approach builds trust, which in turn enables us to work in closer cooperation with our clients to ensure their success. It is through the success of our clients that we measure our own success. When establishing Freedom, the founders’ intent was to build the type of company they wanted to work for. They realized that for the company to be successful it had to be built on their core values. It also had to be client focused, with a corporate culture that would attract and retain highly skilled engineers. We’ve achieved this by taking away administrative burdens from employees, making employee training and growth a high priority, and fostering an environment in which employees have the freedom to focus on their jobs and satisfy our clients. The result has been a 99% employee retention rate.